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Preparing for Your Consultation with an Immigration Law Firm

If you are local a foreign national or non-US citizen living in St Louis, Missouri, you will likely need the services of a St Louis Immigration Attorney at some time. This article will help you and your attorney have the best understanding of your case, the breadth of which will likely be discussed during your initial consultation.


Meeting with an Immigrations Attorney? Follow these helpful tips. 

  • Begin by making contact with your prospective attorney and ask him what he or she would like you to bring. Take careful notes so that his needs are met so that he can best understand your case. The following are some other items that you should assemble in case he forgot to ask for them. In general they are useful to have at the ready at the time of your initial consultation.
  • Have assembled your information and documents pertaining to you and your case. Start with your present contact information including legal name, present address, phone number where you can be reached as well as your employer’s name and contact information.
  • Put together a list of immigration law questions for your immigration attorney. Getting the most out of your initial visit means not relying on your memory. For questions about your attorney’s manner of doing business, qualifications or fees read this article: Questions to Ask your Missouri Immigration Attorney.
  • If you are worried that you might lose information in translation it is a good idea to bring along someone who can translate for you. This will help ensure that you are absolutely clear on the details of your case or the instructions your immigration attorney gives you.
  • Bring along a timeline of important dates that are relevant to your immigration case.
  • Bring a list of key people as well as their contact information who might be important to your case. This list might include any witnesses, employers, family members, or people in official positions with whom you have already consulted about your immigration case.
  • Cox Immigration offers a free initial consultation but some immigration attorneys do not.  If your St Louis immigration law firm charges a fee for your initial consultation, bring a method of payment.
  • Be organized. Remember to make copies of all important documents and keep one copy somewhere safe. If you choose to meet with Cox Immigration, the documents that you bring to your free consultation. Immigration lawyer David Cox, recommends that documents should be stored in a large envelope or folder so that they are easily accessible and easily organized. If you don’t know if a document is important to your immigration case it’s a good idea to just bring it anyway and let your immigration attorney decide if it is needed.

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